Bacteria that can withstand extreme temperature and climate changes contains a substance called Ectoin®. This substance protects these small living beings from harmful environmental influences and help them to survive.1

So, what does Ectoin® have to do with your nose?

Applied in humans, it protects the lining in your nose as well as your mouth and throat.1

This protection mechanism has been proven in various clinical studies to help prevent inflammation in your nose that may cause congestion.1

Allerguard contains Ectoin® that helps to:

  • Reduce dryness in your nose 1
  • Make it more difficult for allergens (substances that could trigger an allergic reaction) to penetrate your nasal mucosa 1
  • Alleviate typical symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as a runny and itchy nose, nasal congestion and sneezing 2,3

Allerguard is natural, has no unpleasant taste and minimal side effects. 3

 Speak to your pharmacist about Allerguard and get rid of your stuffy nose in a safe way). 2,3

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