A blocked nose can be very bothersome for newborns and infants. Babies are naturally nasal breathers, so any type of nasal congestion can be very uncomfortable for them and frustrating for parents.1

Symptoms of a blocked nose may include:1

  • Difficulty eating
  • Crying for no specific reason
  • Nasal discharge
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Snoring
  • Loud nasal breathing

You might think that your baby is getting sick when he has a blocked nose, but that is not always the case.  The congestion can be caused by numerous factors e.g. dry air, allergies or a respiratory infection.1

5 Ways to treat your baby’s stuffy nose

  1. Saline (saltwater) drops 2

Put a few drops into each nostril, and then use a bulb syringe to remove some mucus. It’s generally safe to repeat this as often as you need. (Ask your healthcare provider how to use the syringe so that you do not hurt your baby accidentally)

  1. Get rid of the sticky stuff 2

Sometimes mucus hardens into a crusty or sticky mess around your baby’s nose. To clean it safely, wet a cotton swab with warm water and gently wipe the area.

  1. Vaporise 2

Place a cool mist vaporiser or humidifier in your baby’s room to add moisture to the air. You can also sit with your baby in a steamy bathroom.

  1. Gentle taps 2

Gentle taps on your baby’s back can help ease chest congestion. Lay him down across your knees and gently pat his back with your cupped hand. Or do it while he sits on your lap with his body leaning forward about 30 degrees. It loosens mucus in the chest and makes it easier for your baby to cough it up.

  1. Be patient 2

Not every stuffy, runny nose needs treatment. Some conditions can resolve on their own, if symptoms are persisting, seek medical advice. Some causes of a baby’s blocked nose can be simple to remedy, while others may require your doctor or paediatrician’s attention. 1

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